ISIS Teen Who Plotted Mall Shooting: ‘I Want America In The State Europe Is In’


Law enforcement officials on Tuesday arrested a 17-year-old high school student who allegedly plotted a mass shooting terror attack at a mall in Frisco, Texas.

The teen, who authorities say pledged allegiance to ISIS, planned to carry out the attack sometime in May and is believed to have spent approximately $1,400 on “weapons and tactical gear for his attack,” CBS Dallas reported.

Authorities obtained the alleged Islamic terrorist’s manifesto and claim that he also tried to recruit others to help him carry out the attack, which was going to be a mass shooting and would also utilize explosive devices.

“I want to put America in the state that Europe is in, which is having to have soldiers deployed in streets,” the alleged Islamic terrorist said, according to an affidavit. “Something that will cost them a lot financially too.”

The FBI’s case against the alleged Islamic terrorist began last December when he messaged an FBI source on an app and expressed his desire to carry out an attack, saying that he had been reading ISIS instruction manuals for “performing operations and making bombs.” – READ MORE

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