Illinois Legislature Approves Fingerprinting Requirement For Gun Purchases


The Illinois House is on a roll. On Tuesday, it approved the single largest expansion of abortion “rights” in the state’s history, rolling back a ban on partial birth abortion, bringing a de facto end to the state’s parental notification requirement, and authorizing the barbaric practice through all nine months of pregnancy.

On Wednesday, the Illinois House passed an expansive gun control package, incluing a first-of-its-kind fingerprint requirement, demanding that all gun purchasers in the state have a set of fingerprints on file with authorities before they actually buy a weapon.

The Illinois branch of the National Rifle Association also reports that the bill expands the amount of time allowed for background checks, limits the duration of “firearm owner identification cards” (FOID) already required to purchase or own a firearm within the state, and raises prices for FOID applications.

The bill also creates a “task force” charged with scouring state records for expired and revoked FOID cards, so that the state is better capable of confiscating guns from those whose legal ability to own firearms has ended or changed. – READ MORE

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