Hong Kong Demonstrators Trample and Burn LeBron James Jerseys


Demonstrators in Hong Kong began burning their LeBron James jerseys and merchandise after the NBA star made comments that were critical of Daryl Morey, and cited the “negatives” of free speech.

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong did not take kindly to James’ comments scolding a pro-democracy tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and slamming the American tradition of free speech as sometimes being “negative,” all because the NBA has lost money over its deals with China.

The protesters chanted support for Morey, and denounced James on Tuesday, according to ESPN.

As China seeks to tighten its grip on the once free Hong Kong, protesters have flooded the streets to protect their freedoms. But last week, when Rockets GM Morey tweeted his support for the pro-democracy movement in the former British protectorate, the NBA sidled to China’s side and castigated Morey for his support of freedom. – READ MORE

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