Hillary Has Most Tone-Deaf Moment Ever: Lauer’s Fall Was Karma for Mistreating Me


A day after Matt Lauer’s termination last Wednesday from NBC over allegations of “inappropriate sexual behavior,” failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to suggest that his fortune was a result of bad karma.

But not bad karma accrued from being a creep, but rather bad karma accrued because he had the audacity to hit her with tough questions during a town hall event for her and then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump last year, according to the Philly Voice.

“Every day I believe more in karma,” she said Thursday during a promotional event in Philadelphia for her recently published woe-is-me memoir, “What Happened?” specifically referencing the “men who shaped the (allegedly negative media) narrative” about her that she continues to blame for her election loss.

She essentially posited that any bad fortune being suffered by men whom she blames for her election loss — to be clear, she blames practically every man on Earth — is a result of those men not being nice enough to her.

Especially Matt Lauer.

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