Here comes Trump’s first veto


President Trump is getting closer to issuing his first veto, which could happen as early as next week after the Senate votes to revoke his declaration of a national emergency at the border.

At least four of the Senate’s 53 Republicans will join Democrats to provide a simple majority needed to pass the measure, which was written after Trump declared a national emergency in order to spend $3.6 billion in military construction funding on physical barriers along the southern border.

Senate Republicans have not announced whether they’ll try to amend the measure, and they have not said which day next week the vote will take place.

If they amend it, it would go back to the House. If they pass the House version, the measure heads directly to President Trump, who has promised to veto it.

The vote against the border emergency in the GOP-led Senate will sting Trump, but the president will ultimately get his way in Congress. Once he vetoes the resolution, a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate would be needed to override Trump, and the numbers just aren’t there.

The override effort would have to start in the House, where it is unlikely that 50 Republicans will cross the aisle to vote against Trump. – READ MORE

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