Gov. Abbott says Texas border wall project raises $397,000 in first week


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to build a wall at Texas’ southern border has raised almost $400,000 in public donations since the project was announced last week, the governor’s office confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday.

Abbott announced last Wednesday that Texas will build its own border wall and also put forward a $250 million down payment to begin the project, allowing the state to hire a project manager and get the task underway.

He said that it would be built with a combination of state land and donations of private land, and be partly funded by donations, including via a website.

His office confirmed to Fox on Tuesday that the project had so far raised $397,000 in donations. The figure was first reported by CBS-11 News.

More than 450 miles of border wall, including in Texas, was built during the Trump administration. That construction was suddenly halted by the Biden administration shortly after President Biden took office. Opponents of wall construction said it was cruel and ineffective, while proponents said it was a vital part of a border strategy to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

With that project stopped, Abbott has highlighted the dangers of what he sees as the result of stopping the project, as part of the “open border policies” promoted by the new administration.- READ MORE

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