Giuliani to Mueller: ‘Write the damn report’


President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani signaled Wednesday that his team is losing patience with special counsel Robert Mueller, urging the former FBI director to finish his Russia investigation ahead of the November midterm elections.

Giuliani tweeted that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “should require Mueller to submit his report before September 7.”

The DOJ said in a report published in June that the 60-day rule “is not written or described in any Department policy or regulation” but added that DOJ and FBI officials acknowledge “the existence of a general practice that informs Department decisions.”

Giuliani also told Bloomberg that Mueller should “write the damn report so we can see it and rebut it,” the website reported Wednesday.

“If he doesn’t get it done in the next two or three weeks we will just unload on him like a ton of bricks,” he reportedly said.- READ MORE

President Trump’s legal team is preparing to argue a potential subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller in front of the Supreme Court, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday.

Giuliani, who is leading talks between Trump’s attorneys and Mueller’s team, told The Washington Post that the lawyers would “move to quash” a subpoena from Mueller, and that they are ready to “argue it before the Supreme Court, if it ever got there.”

The special counsel has sought an interview with the president over the past several months, and reportedly threatened to subpoena Trump if he declined to voluntarily sit for an interview. Giuliani has previously asserted that Trump would not have to comply with a subpoena.

A legal battle over a presidential subpoena would be unprecedented, bringing both sides into untested legal waters. – READ MORE

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