Gaetz Questions Federal Prosecutor for Not Charging Man Responsible for Death Threats Against His Office


Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has been the target of several politically motivated death threats, but federal prosecutors aren’t going after the man making the threats.

In several explicit voicemails to the congressman’s office, a caller threatened the congressman’s life. One such message said:

“Gaetz, you pathetic piece of s***. You know that I could blow your f***ing head clean off your shoulders from over a mile away. Watch your back b****, you pathetic little piece of s***. You got your head so far up Trump’s a** but I could still take it off your shoulders. F*** you, Gaetz. I’m coming after you.”

Clearly, this is a violent threat against a member of Congress. It didn’t take federal agents long to track down the man who made the threat, but prosecutors are declining to arrest the man responsible.

During an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaetz wondered his criticisms of the intelligence community are the reason his harasser hasn’t been arrested for his actions. – READ MORE

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