Full Transcript: MASSIVE NEW CLINTON SCANDAL REVEALED; DOJ Cover Up Tied to Top FBI Agent’s Suicide


Raw, full Transcript for Thomas Paine Podcast Episode 5 — MASSIVE NEW CLINTON SCANDAL REVEALED & the DOJ Cover Up Tied to Top FBI Agent’s Suicide.

(Audio clip) The American people can well be proud of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and every citizen can profit by director of Hoover’s repeated warnings says director Hoover: We cherish our American institutions and our heritage of freedom. But today our way of life is under attack by two dangerous enemies the criminal hordes who live by violence and lawlessness.

(Audio clip) The American people can well be proud of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and every citizen can profit by director of Hoover’s repeated warnings says director Hoover: We cherish our American institutions and our heritage of freedom. But today our way of life is under attack by two dangerous enemies the criminal hordes who live by violence and lawlessness.

And the subversive hordes who seek to destroy all that is free and all that is sacred.

(Thomas Paine broke the story on his Patreon show on Tuesday night as well as his new Podcast.)

Thomas Paine podcast episode 5

Just cut that off right there. Enough of this Casey Kasem hour; sometimes I look at this mixing board and I feel like I’m Don Cornelius on Soul Train, you know spinning the tunes, but …

So much to pack into this episode and we have breaking news. We have some fun stuff, we’re leading off with kind of ease into things but we’ll be breaking some news on here. Just going to be something for everybody in this show Believe Me — will break some news some what I consider massive news.

If you’re a fan of American Greed, Stacy Keach, that television show which I tend to watch from time to time. I don’t watch much TV, but I have watched American Greed. This is like American Greed level stuff with the Hillary Clinton and the Clinton cartel and her whole Posse of criminals, and it doesn’t reflect very well on the Department of Justice, but I’m talking American … this makes some of the stuff on American Greed look like someone stole a cupcake from a f*cking Church picnic.

Kind of my style wherever I go. I like to break news. So we’ll be doing that. But before we do that, wait, what was J Edgar Hoover talking about when we you opened the show with these?

So the FBI is now like the poster boy, I think for what’s wrong with this country. It probably always has been that way or that way for a long time, it was just a very well guarded Secret.

Kind of like the fact that the guy who ran the FBI for 48 years J Edgar Hoover was dressing as a chick in his spare time and he wasn’t working undercover. So that’s probably kind of a problem in the 40s 50s 60s 30s, you know, yeah, you can’t even make this stuff up. It’s so crazy. One thing we don’t see is that any footage of J Edgar Hoover and his high heels running down John Dillinger and that crew Baby Face Nelson. Guys get pretty good Head Start if the guy chasing them is wearing heels … just saying this guy did so much video and propaganda and movies he makes Comey look like Eric Roberts. You know what I mean?

So much to pull from we’ll be pulling these old clips from here to Eternity. It’s crazy this guy and his hype and the hype machine behind the FBI will get into that in a little bit before we get crazy and jump into Some stuff funny and serious. Let’s just get these plugs out of the way — the book www.FBIpajamas.com, my book How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas. That’s the best way to benefit the show and Our operation is to purchase the book on Amazon. FBI pajamas goes right to Amazon to buy the paperback. That’s the best way the paperback is the best way to benefit us. It’s like I don’t know. What is this week. They change it every week and we have no say believe it or not in the price. So I think it’s 17 16 15 dollars now last week. It was 26. We can’t even … we stopped trying to keep up but that’s the best way so that’s the main plug that we give for that —

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Based on the feedback and votes and up boats from listeners. So that’s always good to I forgot to plug that the first couple times. I just do an hour of plugs and then sign the f*ck off. It’ll just be like watching Fox — they talk about everybody’s got a book and they’re doing this and they’re doing that they’re doing this and you know five minutes of news and 55 minutes of plugs or 90 minutes of plugs something like that. So let’s jump into this today, jam-packed and we’ll start off by teasing something coming in a little bit is big news on Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation. And we’ve developed some more of the dirt that we were talking about the was coming in after the debacle known as the Huber debacle where he basically mailed it in — crapped the bed on the Clinton Foundation investigation — didn’t do anything really and a lot of people are angry and that Started the flow and now we’ve developed that into further info we’re going to get into that later. Before that, Let’s have a little fun.

Thank God There were no incidents, weren’t even any arrests on Monday in Richmond, Virginia at the gun rights rally, Second Amendment rally formed to protest Governor Northam’s crazed clamp down on the Second Amendment and nobody was shot. Nobody was hurt or even any arrests.

I mean, what did you expect? These are patriots who showed up to this to press their rights. Sure. they were carrying guns. What’s the matter with that? You have the right in this country to do so where permitted but The governor was so distraught that nobody was shot hurt or arrested that We heard that he’s not even going to wear a black face for the rest of the week, which is probably a good thing, right?



Yay. Yay Governor Northam … Northern whatever the f*ck your name is. We have a clip from this guy talking about the rally. Hold on.

Press Governor Northam on the board

(Playing audio clip)

What the hell?


Oh, it’s Al Jolson.

The governor … he’s in blackface. I’m sorry. He’s in blackface too. It mixed up here hard to tell those guys apart. We have to do a better job of marking this on the mixing board. I mean That wasn’t the governor. Although they’re both in blackface. And it’s hard to keep these Democrats separate these Democrats from these entertainers. You know what I mean

What the hell’s the difference? Two idiots — even more breaking news on this: Now the governor is so distraught. He said he’s not even going to wear his KKK hood or is KKK robe for the rest of the week either. Can you believe this guy? That’s how Demolished he is that nobody was hurt maimed or arrested at his big trap he set up for Patriots.

You’re a real crumb bum.

I’ve been making fun of these CBS shows That overhype the FBI.

And the scary thing is people actually watch these and think this is kind of reality. I think some of the brain-dead public out there watch this stuff and think this is reality but somebody sent me a bunch of these promos they have online because I’ve been playing these old propaganda flicks, garbage from the FBI back in the day — going back almost, you know, 80 years 50 years 60 years 40 years.

And so This is some of the new stuff somebody sent me this when I thought it was kind of funny.

(Playing audio clip).

“25 minutes ago Dan’s son Jake was taken — Jake was the son of an FBI agent. Bottom line is he is one of our own people. Let’s find Jake Osbourne FBI. Next Tuesday at 9/8 Central on CBS.


It’s always some kind of Far From Reality thing — these things don’t really happen in real life.

They never do the dramatic music in the promos for the real-life stuff. Let’s see if I could queue up some music here. Maybe we can have some fun with this.

Everybody knows the last episode. I was pretty fired up. So people didn’t get to see the fun side of me, but I am a perennial smartass.

One of the benefits of growing up Being a smartass you’re always — once a smartass always a smartass. What is the guy say on this CBS promo? The guy’s son is an FBI agent. He’s missing. Okay, the FBI really looks for their own when they’re missing. Just ask the Levinson family with this guy in Iran for what now over a decade? Yeah. They’re really working hard to get him out. Let’s see if we can have some fun with this get some dramatic music cued up here.

Next week on FBI Dumpster Fire. It’s a good name for a show FBI Dumpster Fire —  next week, One of our agents has been kidnapped in Iran.

We have to do everything we could do to make sure he stays there. Otherwise, he might really tell people why he was there and we’ll all be in trouble. We’ll all might go to jail. Now. Let’s get this team together people. Let’s make sure we make it look like we’re finding trying to find this guy, try to get them out of Iran at the same time. We’re making sure he doesn’t go anywhere.

Next week FBI …FBI Dumpster Fire


Oh, man.

Next week on FBI Dumpster Fire

Okay people we got to get a task force together. One of our agents just killed himself on the dance floor at a nightclub.

Got to make sure we get enough people there.

Scrub the scene take anybody’s cell phone.

Confiscate all video evidence

We don’t want any of this information to get out to the public that this guy who was working on the Clinton Foundation and other high-profile FBI cases just killed himself in public Let’s go people. Let’s get a team together. Let’s go, can’t let anybody … and no one’s allowed to talk about this publicly there. You’re going to lose your job.

FBI Dumpster Fire, Tuesday night CBS

This is this is way more interesting instead of the made-up stuff.

Next week on FBI Dumpster Fire

Okay people. There’s been a mass shooting at a school in Florida.

A place we had active Intelligence on for weeks and months ahead of time, but decided not to do anything to save anybody’s life.

We need to get out in front of this. Oh wait?

Well, there’s some kid who supposedly goes to school there, Who’s the son of an FBI agent?

What’s his name, Hogg? Let’s get him in front of the media, first interviews. So he can talk about gun control. Let’s spin it as gun control people. Let’s scramble a team. Let’s go. Let’s get out there.

For this really hits the news and we look even worse than we normally do.

FBI Dumpster Fire, Tuesday night CBS

The FBI found itself at the center of controversy Monday, when it it’s official Twitter account made a post celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The FBI said today the FBI honors the life and work of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

A quote from Dr. King is etched in stone at the FBI Academy is reflection Garden in Quantico as a reminder to all students and FBI employees the time quote the time is always right to do what is right quote hashtag MLK Day these people out of their minds.

These guys ruined, tried to ruin and kill MLK literally.

People snapped yesterday, they were outraged at the FBI’s Twitter post and attacked these guys mostly having to do with the FBI launching a surveillance, harassment campaign against MLK in the 1960s, which included a letter sent to King and his wife Coretta Scott King encouraging him to kill himself — as Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out historically that they were trying to get him. He thought they were trying to get him to kill himself and we had a story on it and True Pundit.

If you search for FBI and MLK up in the search Barr, you’ll find it — we posted some of the tweets people lit these guys up like a Christmas tree. I’m cruising through the tweets right now. People are like, are you out of your mind — dropping F-bombs and M F bombs on the FBI. Regular people when when people are overtly Talking like this to the FBI, you know that they’ve had it.

Let’s get into what they did to this guy historically and now they’re pretending like, they’re trumpeting him about some reflection Garden in Quantico?


They need a lesson in Optics — Christopher Wray is out to lunch. I know number of black dudes in the FBI and DEA — the Stark differences between the way the two agencies treat them based on race. I guess you could argue based on race are Stark.

The African American agents and the DEA seems to be much more content with the way they are treated and promoted Overall compared to the FBI.

So if Dopey Christopher Wray wants to honor The life and work of the Reverend. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr — He may want to start with the way he treats African American FBI agents.

But this is 2020. It’s much easier to just tweet about how great you are and use empty words. Hollow words instead of leading by example.

But you know, one of the things we’re going to get into some heavy shit here today, but just wanted to start off with some of this lighter mood, so I’m not saying that this is lighter. It’s lighter mood to me.

When hundreds of people Call out these government bureaucrats, and these dopes were being Hypocrites. They are so tone deaf.

So tone deaf down there. They don’t even realize that when they tweet these things.

They’re making an ass out of themselves. They don’t even get it. These guys are removed from all reality. They live in this vacuum in DC where the Liquor is flowing and the money’s flowing.

After a while, they actually start to believe their own bullshit. I think that’s part of the problem with these people.

Now they f*cking tweet about MLK when you literally tried to not only kill the guy.

I mean, well, that’s the ultimate — you harassed him — spread rumors about him and are still putting out stuff about that. Okay, so I read that he had — the FBI said Yeah, like 40 girlfriends or something. What does that have to do with anything, right?

Let’s just say he had a bunch of girlfriends. Okay?

How does that diminish what he achieved. number one

Number two: Why do they not investigate Bill Clinton who had no girlfriends but several rape victims?

See the Stark differences.

It’s a crime if you’re a brother who is trying to better the world and lobbying for civil rights for the other brothers and sisters, but that’s a crime.

But if you’re a honkey from Arkansas and you rape women?

But you’re the patron saint of the Democratic Party. That’s cool.

And we’re going to let that slide?

Let’s see the FBI files on this crazed pervert Bill Clinton.

Oh, yeah, and if he pals around with Jeffrey Epstein who is trafficking young girls — that’s cool too.

But this brother — He’s a problem. Let’s write him some letters. Tell him to kill himself.

Let’s send some packages to his wife.

With the results of our surveillance on him to discredit him try to create unrest at home.

Try to set this guy off. Let’s do that.

Is that honoring somebody’s Legacy?

So I mean this is like a reality check for some of you younger folks. They literally tried to kill this guy.

And now they know they say they have something on it at a garden in Quantico or a reflection Garden. You motherf*ckers need a reflection Garden in your own bathrooms — fill the sink up with some water, run your finger around and it make like a fountain noise and look yourself in the mirror. That’s your reflection garden and ask yourselves. What the f*ck you’re doing with your lives — harassing good people out here

While the creeps get the run wild you give these guys a license to run wild.

It’s a goddamn disgrace and now you celebrate somebody you tried to ruin.

That’s some low shit. I mean if you’re going to be an asshole, be an asshole.

This is America.

Pick a side.

Don’t try to play the play Both Sides.

It’s goddamn ridiculous. These guys are like I said, they’re tone-deaf. Let’s just break this thing down this letter real quick. It’s also known as the suicide letter or the blackmail package was sent to MLK’s wife Coretta Scott King in 1964, and they traced it now back to the FBI. Let’s see. It was a package and a letter with tape recordings that allegedly showed King’s sexual indiscretions and they delivered it to the wife and MLK said obviously it was from the FBI and he was right.

And there was a letter basically telling him — he thought to the kill himself is what his interpretation of it was  — and that’s the only interpretation in my book that matters.

And in 1971 a group here in Philly. They burglarized the FBI office in Media Pennsylvania, and they stole these classified documents and part of those docks revealed the secret FBI Op Cointelpro.

Oh one word cointelpro. You can Google that if you want to have an eye opener and the suicide letter based on things that were swiped from the office.

Looks like it was discovered in the work files of William C Sullivan, the deputy FBI director.

And he’s also suggested to be its author during the time that was sent the King. So the stuff came right out of the FBI.

They sent it to his house anonymously. Can you believe these people are now — they’re honoring the guy?

What happens if MLK was like, You know, this is the handiwork of J Edgar Hoover. Remember the guy who keeps I keep playing his propaganda movies and messages about how great how the FBI is on your side and they’re here to help you and I will always be here to help you? And at the same time they’re trying to take this brother down and ruin them and what happens if the guy’s maybe not doing so well and kills himself.

That’s what MLK said the intent was of the package in the letter to create friction at home. So maybe he kills himself.

Yeah, great f*cking group of guys. Thanks for honoring him now, you know.

It’s un-f*ckin’-believable. And really I guess this means in 50 years the FBI will tweet about how they helped get Trump elected. That’s going to be the next thing they tweet — today the FBI honors the life and work of Donald Trump who we you know, really supported during his presidency other than the fact we tried to chop his knees out every f*cking day and toss them out of office besides that you know, ‘the time is always right to do what is right.’

Isn’t that the quote that they have in their bullshit Garden where they grown in that Garden, horse shit and f*cking Broken Dreams?

Some other breaking news this week. It was breaking news New York University hosted a a seminar Roundtable panel on FISA reform and how to improve the FISA process to make sure there aren’t future abuses and the panel featured the FBI’s disgraced front man Andrew McCabe as well as DOJ Pitbull Weirdo And corrupt prosecutor Weissman. They had these two clowns, these two rodeo clowns on a panel giving their suggestions on how to rein in corrupt Practices in the government.

I mean you couldn’t pick the two worst poster boys for prosecutorial and investigative abuse and of course, it’s at NYU and I researched this whole setup. It’s all — the Dean at NYU law school is a guy who looks like the guy from Mad Magazine — is kind of a strange looking guy. Obviously former Obama White House guy, former Hillary Clinton crony, former law clerk for Ginsburg and the whole setup everybody in the NYU Law School Academia circles are a bunch of cronies of the Clinton’s the Clinton Foundation, the Obama White House and it’s like a big revolving door, a big circle jerk of these weirdo’s and you know it’s no big surprise that they try to say this was put on by A group called something or other Justice.

I don’t know what it’s called, some justice group, but you know, I traced this group and it’s it’s a group that’s funded and actually located at NYU. So NYU even makes it seems like oh we didn’t have anything to do with it. They just kind of rented our room. You know, that kind of thing. It was open to the public and our friend Jason Goodman got thrown out of it.

Because he was recording, and God forbid you record without their permission. Can you believe it? They can spy on you without your permission or even knowledge, but if you throw a tape recorder on too — To try to capture this stuff outside their controls — They freak the f*ck out. I think we have a clip of that.

(audio recording)

Goodman: Okay director McCabe is an ironic. They’ve invited you here to talk about reforming the FISA court given the allegations that you were involved in the abuse has that led to operation Crossfire hurricane. Can you address that question, please? I’m being disallowed from recording this and I think it’s an important question for you to answer. Can you answer that?


Unidentified guy: That’s actually not what you report said. So you might want to go back and read it.

Goodman: Well, it said Inspector General Horowitz found no bias in opening it, but that was Bill Priestep that wasn’t he your roommate in college or law school. Can you dress that was he?

Okay. Thanks very much. I’m not being allowed to record this. That’s an important question. Everyone should ask Andrew McCabe.

I’m an NYU Alum. This is a disgrace.

(End of audio clip)

See, that’s how it works folks. You ask these liberal Maniacs questions and the next thing you know, you’re told to beat it. You can’t record anything because they can’t control it and they rarely have to answer for anything they do because they live in their own little vacuum. So when you pierce that vacuum and Pierce the Veil They don’t know what to do. That wasn’t McCabe speaking when Jason said something to him. It was some f*cking Poindexter, who knows who.

Sit down pipsqueak, get snapped like a breadstick.

So that’s their game. They don’t want to answer any questions anything off script. They’re all about the script because Off script anything is possible. They can lash out and say something completely looks stupid. They need cue cards. They need talking points these folks. They can’t survive without them

It even gets worse. So I followed up.

I got kind of excited. I like stuff like this. I like confrontations. I don’t know. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. My wife said there’s probably something wrong me. I have been getting into confrontations since I was a kid.

You know you got to fight for what you, What you want in life? Sometimes you got to fight. The Beastie Boys says you have to fight for your right to party. But I mean, it’s much more complicated than that when you’re growing up with not much and no old man around — you had to fight for sometimes, you got to fight for a meal.

But anyhow, I followed up — took. Mr. Goodman’s lead and we do a show Tuesday nights together Moore Paine on Patreon — patreon.com/truepundit and we’ve been doing it for a year and a half. There’s a lot of interesting stuff on there 60 70 80 episodes. I don’t know what it is. But then yeah, I followed up and here’s how it went.

(Audio phone call)

Dean Morrison’s office, how may I help you?

Yes trying to reach Trevor Morrison.

Who’s calling?

My name is Mike Moore, a reporter.

Okay, he can’t take a call right now. I can transfer to our press officer if you hold on one second.


Hello. Hello.

Hello. Hello.

Yes, I was transferred to you. Is this the Press office?

Yep, this is public affairs who’s calling?

My name is Mike Moore, a reporter and I was trying to reach Trevor Morrison at the law school.

Who are you a reporter with? What organization?

True Pundit is the name of the organization.

And can you tell me what you’re calling about?

Yeah, I’m stuck with you. I can’t talk to the big honcho at the law schools, is this how it works?

I mean it really, you can start with me and then then we can go from there.

I had a question you guys had this event with FISA reform event at the law school. It was like a big public thing and I had questions about that. You had Andrew McCabe there and another guy from DOJ talking about FISA reform when they’re two of the people responsible for FISA abuse — so I wanted to get a comment from you or from the dean. Why you would have those two guys?

Can you email me questions any questions that you have?

That’s the question?

Oh, well, if you email me then I can respond and I’ll have your contact information.

Can I just give you my contact information?

Sure, okay.

Are you familiar with this event or not? Really?

Yes, I’m aware that I think it was last week, right? Yeah.

Yeah, you can reach me until at intel at truepundit.com and my name is Mike Moore.


How does this work? You’re going to get back to my some kind of comment or No comment.

Yeah, I I will get back to you in some fashion, but I don’t know what it will be.

Can I talk to the dean?

I think you know we have all press calls come through public affairs. At least I’ll press calls for the dean. So you did reach the right person and I’ll let you let you know, you know.

Are you folks just going to be hosting a seminar where Bill Clinton talks to rape victims? I mean that that’s got the similar thing as this? (Paine laughing)

Okay. I’ve got your question. So thanks very much.

Okay, man. Have a good one.

You too.

(End of phone call)

Well, it’s just not easy to reach the dean or anybody else, but hopefully they’ll contact us and let us know when they bring it in Bill Clinton to give motivational speeches to rape victims, or maybe he’s going to hold some kind of seminar there.

For single guys, maybe Clinton’s going to give a Tinder seminar something or a Bumble seminar. Who knows?

Oh, man, you see can’t even get close to these guys there they live in their own little bubble. They’re all protected by these little winged monkeys that are fools.

Take a paycheck to cover up for these f*cking assholes. I said earlier in the show. We talked about American Greed level Insanity coming out about Hillary Clinton like how much more stuff do we really need about this woman? She’s a criminal … we’ve proven this time and time again. Nobody seems to care and DOJ and just more proof we have now of that being the case.

We did a story — broken National story — True Pundit it when I say we of course, that’s what I’m talking about on this FBI agent, he was a Wall Street expert, Financial crimes expert ran the financial crimes the high-profile Financial crimes unit / task force for the FBI and the FBI New York and also worked in DC.

He allegedly killed himself on a dance floor at a Barr in Austin, very strange goings-on. He was supposedly wearing a bulletproof vest at the time that he supposedly shot himself in public on a crowded Dance Floor, crowded Barr.

He was in town for an FBI seminar, giving a speech and also some kind of DOJ seminar. They kept it really hush-hush. It made it to us and then we sat on it for four or five days because — If I was back in my 20s I probably would have put the story right out, but they’re bringing the body back home to New York and he was being laid to rest and I said let’s see. It was on a Saturday. He was being — his funeral on a Saturday. This happened on a Wednesday or Thursday, and I didn’t want to put anything out before that because I Figured the family had enough to worry about, he’s got a wife and young kids. And so I said, let’s just wait. I mean, who else — You always run the risk of somebody else breaking the story, but I’m thinking to myself Who else is going to write this?

Nobody knows about this? Nobody has to the hooks we have so we waited I think until Monday or Tuesday and put it out after he was laid to rest.

FBI wanted to keep the clamps on the story. Believe me.

They even pulled the guy’s obituary until …

They are just nefarious just

Wray and that whole crew anyway, and this goes to the heart of it what we’re going to get into now the breaking news.

So I think anybody with common sense can say that Cincinelli died under suspicious circumstances. Public suicides are always problematic in my book anyway.

To me. It’s like the guy is saying yo, this is my only way out right now, but look into this because they want … if somebody’s contemplating suicide It’s usually … They’re depressed. They’re in a very lonely place and doing it publicly. It’s not really something that I think most people contemplate. They just kind of want to be alone there. They already feel like they’re alone. They want to go — they’re in the dark place and it seems like you know, you’re alone and your world is dark.

You would imagine that your death would parallel those circumstances and that Situation you’re in mentally. So whenever I see public suicides like Budd Dwyer was a former Treasurer in Pennsylvania. He shot himself in front of news cameras. They tried to pin on him this whole Scandal and it turned out that he wasn’t really responsible for it. But that was his way of saying hey, I don’t want to go through this on or put my family through this so we’ll just check out here. And that was 1985 I think. Big Scandal, big story. Look up Budd Dwyer but public suicides to me always stuck out because I remember that story running on the news in Philadelphia and then The Nightly News they like ran the whole reel of the guy putting a 357 in his mouth and shooting himself in the face … blood coming out. It’s just one of the most horrendous things you could ever see but the news ran it they pretended — these guys down here the news media TV news media —  they pretended it was live and they didn’t have a chance to cut away from it, but then it came out years later — literally years later –because we studied this in journalism school that — I’m going to sideBarr not going to get off in a second.

It was actually taped two hours before and then the news TV news pretended it was live to give them an excuse to run it so you can see this this guy’s head explode and then the TV, the national news, Peter Jennings and then whole crew they picked it up ABC, Brokaw at NBC. They picked it up and ran with it to show this guy’s entire face, you know blood pouring. It’s just — I’ve never seen anything like — tasteless, real truly tasteless. But again When i see a public suicide like that. It immediately rings a bell and brings many alarm bells to me, but …

So we come to find out that now Cincinelli’s sister was picked up weeks earlier on a murder-for-hire rap alleged. She’s in jail. She’s an NYPD cop some things about this whole story stinks. So we start poking around because it never sat well with me and we start poking around talking to people different information is coming from different places. Like I said in the last week or so special agents Cincinelli was a member of a team that was investigating the Clinton foundation and seen, witnessed, investigated the fact that large amounts of money were being moved by Hillary Clinton and through the Clinton Foundation — coming in coming out. Some of it traces — well a lot of it traces back to the State Dept.. during the time if she was Secretary of State.

This is really the first time or the first proof That anybody has that she was actually taking money from public money from the State Dept.. while she was Secretary of State and moving it around to her cronies linked to the Clinton foundation and to the Clinton cartel and Cincinelli was part of the FBI who was looking into this and Incredibly this has been on Barr’s desk — Attorney General William Barr — and he hasn’t done anything with it.

It’s really amazing. She’s going to get away …

And the first time I heard this I was like, yeah, yeah yeah — so the Clinton’s are taking money — but then I took a step back and said how much money are we talking about? Because the State Dept.. has a massive budget. You can look it up online.

She was in there for five years.

So three four five years.

Then I start thinking wait a minute. I worked for these guys. They have a lot of these crazy off shoots these departments and governmental Umbrella agencies, you’d never even heard of that have these pretty fat budgets and black budgets. Could she even taking from there, too?

These questions remain but the Justice guys we talked to said that She didn’t take millions of dollars.

She took billions of dollars.

And she spread it around to her cronies and shell companies, shell corporations, dummy companies and then they kicked money back to the Clinton Foundation and they may have even kicked money back into offshore accounts belonging to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

So a lot of the stuff that’s come out about the Clinton Foundation before this points to International things where they’re dealing with these Aid societies and doing vaccines for HIV things like that and they’re kind of a handshake deal where they make introductions or bring people in under the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Initiative and they get a small piece of the pie.

And many of those things were illegal too — don’t get me wrong. I’m not making excuses for illegality, even on an International basis, but this stuff have puts their hands right into the cookie jar the US Treasury taking and diverting tax monies for profit that’s fraud and using shell companies: buddies, friends, Associates.

Whether it’s International whether it’s in Europe, whether it’s the United States routing funds through these Hosts and a menagerie of shell companies where the money gets laundered and washed back Into the Clinton Foundation coffers or the Clinton’s themselves. Now the FBI had looked at this and we’re looking at this.

Then all of a sudden boom.

No case.

Remember Huber? Remember the announcement a couple weeks ago?

Two weeks ago, last week, whenever the hell was I can’t keep track of the time in the news anymore. It’s like every week’s a Quantum Leap in the news but Justice Dept is saying oh there wasn’t really enough information to prosecute the Clinton’s.


We got feds saying these guys ripped off the US Treasury.

Not millions of dollars; billions of dollars through the years

And you’re telling me f*cking Barr can’t put an indictment together. That’s bullshit.

The people working the case say it is bullshit.

I got 30 years in this racket investigating this stuff and I say it’s bullshit.

And guess what? There’s not a person listening to this that doesn’t agree that that’s bullshit.

Why aren’t these guys in shackles? This is insane.

This isn’t coming from you know, some hobo down at the bus stop. This is coming from guys who know — high-level guys who know about this stuff the Justice Dept continues to cover up who is running the Justice Dept. It’s not Trump. It’s not the f*cking White House. And I know this stuff is going to make it to the White House. So listen up — you better get control your Justice Dept.

Because it’s being run by the same people who ripped off the State Dept. and a lot of its umbrella Agencies for billions of dollars and it’s going to come out — we’re going to figure it out. We haven’t figured it all out yet. And that’s the way an investigation works.

We’re turning over rocks.

And it’s pretty ugly what we found so far.

Who’s running Justice, President Trump? Who’s running Justice, man?

It’s now you. You might think you are, you might think Barr is your friend. He’s not your f*cking friend, man.

The Clinton’s are running the show. They’ve been running the show, since you got in there. Look at everything that’s happened to Flynn and guys like that.

You tell me Barr is a white hat and this circus that he’s running with Durham how you think that’s going to happen. If they can’t put Hillary Clinton behind Bars and her Associates behind Bars for this what the hell makes you think they’re going to do something with Durham?

This is —  if it’s is Big, it’s not even if it’s true. I, there’s no part of me the things this is not true.

Based on who it’s coming from and their track record with us Through The Years, okay.

And I think this eclipses all other Hillary scandals, right? You know that dope on on Fox, Hannity’s doing Tick Tock? This makes Tick Tock look like a f*cking children’s watch. This is a big deal.

You can’t tell me that if they don’t put her in prison already there wasn’t there has been no grand jury have been obviously with no grand jury There’s no indictments — that they’re going to put her and other people in the FBI away for some rinky-dink bullshit.

Compared to this. I’m not excusing what they did. Also in other cases like spying and things like that this all dovetails when you look at it from an investigative standpoint — it all dovetails together and when things start to make a lot of sense You know they are true because it’s the lies and the deceit and the spin that usually doesn’t fit well with other puzzle pieces and it always leaves questions.

Why do you think folks — why do you think we don’t have access to thousands of Hillary’s emails if she’s got schemes like this cooked up and at the time she was emailing it never occurred to her that those emails might go public or that a guy like Trump might be in office and everything that they’re used to getting away with would they be under a microscope where it never was before? That’s why they’re so nonchalant when they talk about emails like Wikileaks released —

Emails from Podesta. No look, they are very nonchalant the will talk about anything because they never thought anybody would be watching.

What happens then when you find out that people are watching or going to be watching are going to be looking and doing research?

Makes a lot of sense to lose this stuff.

So no one can ever get a look at it — also makes a lot of sense that if you’re going to be selling the country down the tubes — literally ripping us off –That you do it on your own server.

Where no one has access to it in the government so they can’t preserve the emails because they don’t have access to it. She ran her own server.

Nobody knows what was in those emails except those guys.

You can bet your ass They were selling this country out left and right.

Set up her own server for a reason. This is why. This is how criminal operations work.

This isn’t some old lady who doesn’t know anything about computers: ‘You mean wipe it, like wipe it with a cloth?”

She was wiping something Alright. She was wiping her bank account with billions of dollars — her bank accounts — moving money out of the State Dept. and other umbrella operations and we’ll figure it out. We always do … it’ll come out.

The very fact that hasn’t come out thus far is more proof that the mainstream media  — we can’t be the only people that know this — are complicit and corrupt operations meant to protect her just like the just like the Justice Dept.

Where’s Barr?

Where was Sessions?

Sessions. I mean, where was this … this investigation was going on when Sessions was there when he appointed Huber to look into this — they knew this was going on.

You think Huber didn’t know about this? Give me a f*cking break. He found out about it. He went into a turtle shell. He’s probably shitting his pants.

These guys are cowards; they’re not going to go Against the Machine.

You think Sessions is going to take — you think that pipsqueak’s going to take on the Clinton’s?

That dude went into a cave. Nobody even knew where he was at justice. He was a coward.

They probably threatened him to just like they’re threatening Trump.

You think Christopher Wray and Barr are going to do something? They’re part of the problem folks.

Who do you think’s working the cover up here?

Come on, you guys are smarter than that.

This is a massive cover-up.

She’s going to get away with it, too.

You watch — she’s gotten away with it so far for years. This went on for years.

They must have such a tremendous amount of money private wealth tucked away.

And don’t fool yourself. The folks in the FBI like Comey and McCabe and Strzok — you can bet your ass They know about it too, and they’re dangling this over everybody as a get out of jail free card.

This is all one big cyclical, circle cycle of corruption and these guys are protecting their own asses.

And I think including a guy like Barr.

Anybody else would have had these guys in shackles

They’re thieves. They’re Crooks and if you get in their way, they’ll rub you out.

It’s really unbelievable that they have gotten away with this.

What about our friend Sal Cincinelli and the FBI: A guy who came to the FBI not because he really wanted to — he was trading options on Wall Street. He was a licensed Series 7 trader making a lot of money when he joined the FBI. His wife and family were like what specifically is a matter with you? Why do you want to join the FBI?

Makes me wonder if maybe he wasn’t caught up in something else and they said hey come work for us and we’ll forget about something else you’re caught up in and we’ll make it go away and … but we need you on the inside. The problem is when you get a good guy, a good investigator on the inside and they start to find out too much and start the ask too many questions, especially if they believe in the system that you know, it’s not corrupt or they really haven’t been in politics or Intel for a long time. They don’t really understand that You can be tossed off the board like a Pawn on a chessboard. You’re nothing. You’re a piece of meat when it comes to these people if you get in the way of their power and money structure.

You can be eliminated. That has to be going through the heads of a guy like McCabe too and then that whole crew that that’s if they step out of line They can end up like Cincinelli.

Now, I don’t know —

To be fair. I don’t know if Cincinelli was just in the wrong place at the wrong time type of a situation and he ended up taking his own life because of personal problems or whether he ate a bullet from somebody else, but You have to think given the players here folks that this is just not a coincidence and the fact that he was up on this intelligence. I don’t know whether his sister has something to do with it. Maybe she got locked up because of this maybe he was going to go public. These are all important questions, of course, nobody wants to answer because they don’t really don’t even want to talk about the guys death, the FBI

Sorry, I’m talking so long. I’m losing my voice. This is crazy folks. This is a massive level of corruption. And we’re at the precipice here if nothing is done about this Where does that leave us As Americans? These are questions are way over my head, but I’m going to put them out there. Anyhow.

We’re going to keep following this story. I think it’s a massive story. I know it’s a massive story.

There are guys in Justice who are pissed off and they’re talking — this is not a good thing for the In Crowd — for the beautiful people — people start talking.

It’s problems. And then this is how scandals come unraveled no matter how hard you try to keep them covered up, hidden away.

The truth has a way of airing its ugly head no matter who’s working the puppet strings here, but these are all troubling questions. This is a massive scandal.

I don’t know where it’s going. I know that Barr has not done anything with it. The people who are working for him are pissed off and that means you should be pissed off.

You’re not going to see this on a Fox News or anything like that. Unless Trump decides. Hey, you know what? I’m going to Tweet about this at 3 a.m. And put some heat on it, you know, he could do that too, and then they’d have to cover it but

He may know about it, he may not. I don’t know what he knows.

I do know that he’s not in control of the Justice Dept.

And I do know that proof has shown the Clinton’s are running the show.

And now we know why.

There are billions of dollars at stake. You know, it’s not like oh there’s there’s some money missing here — and there there’s money missing. Remember the six or seven billion dollars that went missing from the State Dept.. —  just vanished. Nobody knows what happened to it. Does that play into this?

I’m not going to put an exact amount on it, but it’s double-digit Billions.

We’re still working with sources and people that literally are scared shitless to talk about it, but they feel compelled to blow the whistle here.

These guys stole from you that’s stealing from some third world Hospital fund.

Or vaccine Fund in India or Haiti. This is right from you and they’ve gotten away with it. You don’t think guys like Obama and Biden know about it?

Get the f*ck out of here.

Why do you think this guy’s under impeachment right now? They want him out of there and don’t even want the possibility that somebody starts looking at the Biden money.

You don’t think he knows about this? That guy has his fingers in all kind of Pies for 50 years. You don’t think he got a piece of this. Give me a break. We know that guy. He’s a local. We know all the people around here for the last 50 years who know him and tell all kind of crazy stories about him. You can’t even imagine

We’re at the precipice folks.

This is the abyss of corruption in this country, the worst it’s ever been — guaranteed. I’m happy to be in a position to help try to blow the roof off. I think I’m here for a reason. This isn’t happenstance. What happened to me in my career is not a coincidence. I’m supposed to be here.

All this stuff is happening for a reason. We got to figure out why.

Are we going to be able to bounce back from this, become a stronger country, back on the track of Christianity and honesty?

I don’t know.

I have my doubts

There’s a crew out there that thinks that Barr is this, Barr is that, that he is some kind of holy f*cking ghost. He’s not.

I’ve just laid that out and we’re going to be beating on this for a long time.

Until we get more answers on this story.

If you guys think Barr is such a great guy and he’s working with Durham and there’s going to be all these indictments and stuff, right?

And somebody’s telling you this is going to happen.

The same group of people — a lot of Patriots out there support General Mike Flynn and his battles with the government.

Who do you think’s behind the battles right now? Who do you think is trying to put him in jail?

It’s the Justice Dept under William Barr.

How can you trust Barr When he’s screwing Flynn?


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