Elizabeth Warren pledges to fill at least half her Cabinet with women and ‘non binary people’


Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren pledged that if she’s elected in November that she will fill at least half her Cabinet with women and “non binary people,” according to her Medium post Wednesday.

“My administration will be committed to diversity and inclusion,” the U.S. senator from Massachusetts wrote, adding that “on day one” she will “build a Cabinet and senior leadership team that reflects the full diversity of America, including having at least 50% of Cabinet positions filled by women and non binary people.”

Nonbinary individuals do not identify exclusively as male or female and are part of the fast-growing transgender movement.

The pledge doesn’t appear to be an empty campaign promise from Warren, given that last spring her team said she employed 31 women and 20 men in her Senate offices in Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts — not including interns, Refinery29 reported, In addition, the outlet said her office’s top leadership roles were occupied by women — two of whom are women of color. – READ MORE

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