Former McCain adviser: Trump has ‘stoked a cold civil war’ in America


Former McCain adviser Steve Schmidt on Wednesday blamed President Trump’s rhetoric for the explosives sent to prominent Democrats this week, saying the president has “stoked a cold civil war” in the U.S.

Schmidt’s comments come as suspicious packages containing explosives were sent to Democratic figures including the Clintons, the Obamas, mega-donor George Soros, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), former Attorney General Eric Holder and former CIA Director John Brennan, as well as sent to CNN headquarters in New York.

“Trump has stoked a cold civil war in this Country,” Schmidt, an MSNBC contributor who has renounced the GOP, wrote on Twitter. “His rallies brim with menace and he has labeled journalists as enemies of the people. That someone would seek to kill their political enemies is not aberrational but rather the inevitable consequence of Trumps incitement.”

Trump on Thursday morning tweeted that “mainstream media” is to blame for the “anger we see today in our society.” – READ MORE


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