‘Former Dems’ Camping Out for Trump’s Orlando Rally Share Why They Can’t Wait to Hear His Message


Fox News spoke to three women camping, asking them why they would camp out to see the president.

“To support our president, this is a bucket list item, and to support Walk Away,” said one of the women. “We are all former Dems.”

Another woman in the group said that she hopes to hear his plan for the next term if he is elected.

“I just love the fact that he unites everybody and it’s just like a rock concert, you get so excited. And I just think that what I want to hear is what he has planned for everybody to move forward. You know he does such a good job at getting things done — show a game plan, let us know what is the next step. Get us jazzed up. Because we already are, but we just don’t want it to stop. It’s awesome.”

The president has tweeted about his anticipation for the event, saying that there have been 100,000 ticket requests for the event, which can only hold 20,000 people. – read more

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