Female prisoner claims she was raped by a ​transgender inmate and that the prison covered it up


A female prisoner at the Logan Correctional Center in Illinois is suing the prison for reportedly covering up her alleged sexual assault at the hands of a transgender inmate last year.

The woman, who is identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, alleged that an inmate who “identifies as female, but still has male genitalia” was moved into her housing unit last summer and immediately began to “express interest” in her, according to a report by WTTW-TV.

In the lawsuit, she recalled that she was “terrified of this inmate as the inmate was much bigger and stronger” and because she had heard that the inmate “had assaulted prior cellmates and had been convicted of murder.”

The woman then said she was raped by the inmate, but that after she reported the incident to authorities only a “sham investigation” ensued.

The woman alleged that she was told by an officer “that he did not believe her and he pressured Plaintiff to say there was no sexual assault.” She said she was “coerced” into saying the encounter was consensual and soon after filed a grievance with the Illinois Department of Corrections.

In return, the IDOC determined that she committed a “major infraction” for filing a “false” complaint under the Prison Rape Elimination Act. – READ MORE

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