‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Moved. ‘Charging Bull’ Still Standing.


The four-foot-high “Fearless Girl” statue, which was erected to face the iconic 11-foot-high “Charging Bull” statue in front of Wall Street to urge corporations to choose more women in the upper echelon of their companies, was removedTuesday night, leaving only two lonely footprints where the statue had stood.

A plaque left where the statue stood read, “Fearless Girl is on the move to The New York Stock Exchange. Until she’s there, stand for her.” No date has been set for the statue’s new installation.

Back in April, New York City officials said both statues would be moved to the stock exchange because pedestrians gathered around them created traffic problems. State Street Global Advisors chief Cyrus Taraporevala stated, “Since Fearless Girl’s placement, more than 150 companies have added a female director to their boards. Our hope is that by moving her closer to the NYSE she will encourage more companies to take action and, more broadly, that she will continue to inspire people from all walks of life on the issue of gender diversity.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio said in April, “We are proud to be home to the Fearless Girl. She is a potent symbol of the need for change at the highest levels of corporate America — and she will become a durable part of our city’s civic life.” Eric Phillips, de Blasio’s press secretary, tweeted, “The Bull will almost certainly be moved — and will very likely wind up reunited with Fearless Girl. But it’s tricky and some things still need to be sorted out. Anyone who’s ever relocated a 7,000-lb bronze bull knows what I mean.”- READ MORE

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