FAKE NEWS: Washington Post Crosses The Line, Says ‘No, Bacon Does Not Make Everything Better’


The Washington Post says a lot of crazy things, but this is just beyond the pale.

It’s one thing to indulge in a non-stop onslaught against President Trump — and all things conservative — but never, ever, criticize bacon. Ever.

“No, bacon does not make everything better,” the Post wrote on Thursday. “I’m sorry, but everything is not better with bacon,” wrote Tim Carman, the paper’s food writer.

Carman takes aim at a Washington, D.C. institution — the amazing grilled cheese sandwich at Stoney’s, which includes tomato, onions — and bacon:

The sandwich’s lone misstep? Its bacon, the party crasher of ingredients, the one that shows up and trashes the place. As it does with almost everything it touches, the bacon treats the rest of the grilled cheese sandwich as a captive audience, there only to listen to it mansplain the superiority of smoky strips of cured pork belly.


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