Epstein’s accusers say now that he’s dead the government should rescind the generous 2007 plea deal that protected any accomplices


Two of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers say his death means the 2007 plea deal he reached with prosecutors — which continues to protect four unnamed associates from prosecution — should be scrapped.

Bradley J. Edwards, an attorney for women identified as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, submitted a statement to the US District Court in southern Florida on Monday seeking to cancel the remaining provisions of the deal.

The statement said:

“The Court should grant the victims all of their proposed remedies — including invaliding the provisions in the non-prosecution agreement that precludes prosecution of Epstein’s co-conspirators.”

“In light of Epstein recent passing, all his objections to the victims’ proposed remedies have become moot. And most of the Government’s objections — which were likewise predicated on protecting Epstein’s interests — have also become moot.”

Epstein signed the plea deal in September 2007, court filings show. – READ MORE

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