ENABLERS: Here’s the List of Morally-Bankrupt Democrats Who Took Cash from Ed Buck; A Who’s Who of Hypocrites


It’s little surprise that some of the more reprehensible and disreuptable Democratic politicians were recipients of Ed Buck’s campaign money.

The money list reads like a rogues’ gallery, a true a collection of liberal reprobates and moral scofflaws who no doubt helped shield Buck from previous criminal charges.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu and this list of dishonorable charlatans goes on.

Not long ago, Ed Buck was rubbing elbows with some of the Democratic party’s biggest stars – donating tens of thousands of dollars to various candidates and causes.

Now he’s rubbing elbows with inmates. Buck was arrested last night and charged with operating a drug house and allegedly feeding drugs to homosexual men before taking advantage of them sexually. Two men have died at Buck’s West Hollywood home and a third man reportedly suffered an overdose but escaped the mansion and notified police.

Buck is yet another pillar of the Democratic party, just like Jeffrey Epstein.

Buck’s biggest political investment was for more than $300,000 to his political action committee called Animal PAC.

Records dating back to 2009 showed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was one of Buck’s high-profile recipients, receiving $1,400 in 2016. That money was returned about a month after Moore died, per a breakdown of Buck’s local and state contributions.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey received $100 from Buck in 2012.

He gave former California state Senate leader Kevin De Leon $18,700 over several campaigns.

Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu took in $19,400 in state and federal donations from Buck.

Buck gave Adam Schiff, now chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, $2,700 in 2016.

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran received $12,500 from Buck in various campaigns in 2012 to 2016. READ MORE:

But there are many more federal political contributions, including:

3/29/2007$500.00Warner, Russell (D)
6/20/2007$1,800.00Warner, Russell (D)
3/29/2008$2,200.00Warner, Russell (D)
4/24/2008$250.00Obama, Barack (D)
5/12/2008$500.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
5/25/2008$1,000.00Obama, Barack (D)
6/10/2008$500.00United for A Strong America (D)
8/29/2008$300.00Obama, Barack (D)
9/18/2009$1,000.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
11/3/2009$1,000.00Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D)
11/8/2009$350.00Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley (D)
12/9/2009$500.00Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)
3/31/2010$600.00Stonewall Democratic Club (D)
4/22/2010$1,000.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
4/22/2010$1,000.00Frank, Barney (D)
8/23/2010$500.00Stonewall Young Democrats
9/2/2010$1,000.00Portantino, Anthony (D)
9/2/2010$1,000.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
2/2/2011$500.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
3/30/2011$1,000.00Frank, Barney (D)
4/15/2011$500.00Stonewall Democratic Club
5/1/2011$1,000.00Portantino, Anthony (D)
5/27/2011$500.00Portantino, Anthony (D)
6/29/2011$1,000.00Portantino, Anthony (D)
9/30/2011$250.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
3/15/2012$1,000.00Israel, Steve (D)
3/25/2012$1,000.00Cardenas, Tony (D)
3/31/2012$500.00Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)
6/11/2012$500.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
8/2/2012$500.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
8/2/2012$500.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
8/23/2012$2,000.00Los Angeles County Dem Central Cmte (D)
10/3/2012$1,000.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
10/26/2012$1,000.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
11/8/2012$1,000.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
1/4/2013$2,500.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
6/25/2013$2,600.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
6/25/2013$2,700.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
6/25/2013($2,600.00)Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
2/11/2014$2,600.00Lieu, Ted (D)
2/11/2014$2,600.00Lieu, Ted (D)
4/7/2014$1,000.00Stonewall Young Democrats
5/1/2014$2,600.00Honda, Mike (D)
10/1/2014$1,000.00McNerney, Jerry (D)
10/6/2014$5,000.00House Majority PAC
10/28/2014$2,500.00Democratic State Central Cmte/California (D)
12/13/2014$1,000.00Barber, Ron (D)
12/31/2014$1,000.00Ready for Hillary
1/27/2015$2,500.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
1/27/2015$5,200.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
1/27/2015($2,500.00)Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
2/24/2015$5,000.00Getting Stuff Done PAC (D)
3/17/2015$1,000.00Ready PAC
4/24/2015$2,700.00Clinton, Hillary (D)
8/19/2015$2,700.00Lieu, Ted (D)
8/19/2015$2,700.00Lieu, Ted (D)
12/7/2015$1,000.00Lee, Susie (D)
3/15/2016$5,000.00Getting Stuff Done PAC (D)
4/28/2016$2,700.00Schiff, Adam (D)
5/4/2016$1,000.00Vince, Lou (D)
5/6/2016$250.00Clinton, Hillary (D)
10/10/2016$1,000.00Caforio, Bryan (D)
10/10/2016$1,000.00Gallego, Pete (D)
10/10/2016$1,000.00Bonoff, Terri (D)
10/10/2016$1,000.00Bera, Ami (D)
10/10/2016$1,000.00Rosen, Jacky (D)
10/25/2016$1,700.00Caforio, Bryan (D)
2/24/2017$10,400.00Getting Stuff Done PAC (D)
2/27/2017$1,000.00Gomez, Jimmy (D)
2/28/2017$2,700.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
2/28/2017$5,400.00Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
2/28/2017($2,700.00)Sinema, Kyrsten (D)
3/20/2017$2,700.00Lieu, Ted (D)
3/20/2017$2,700.00Lieu, Ted (D)
5/3/2017$1,000.00Gomez, Jimmy (D)
5/31/2017$1,000.00Donnelly, Joe (D)
6/15/2017$1,000.00Aguilar, Pete (D)
6/21/2017$1,000.00Krishnamoorthi, Raja (D)
7/19/2017$1,000.00Gomez, Jimmy (D)

Here is the list, alphabetically.

Aguilar, Pete (D)6/15/2017$1,000.00
Barber, Ron (D)12/13/2014$1,000.00
Bera, Ami (D)10/10/2016$1,000.00
Bonoff, Terri (D)10/10/2016$1,000.00
Caforio, Bryan (D)10/10/2016$1,000.00
Caforio, Bryan (D)10/25/2016$1,700.00
Cardenas, Tony (D)3/25/2012$1,000.00
Clinton, Hillary (D)4/24/2015$2,700.00
Clinton, Hillary (D)5/6/2016$250.00
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)12/9/2009$500.00
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)3/31/2012$500.00
Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley (D)11/8/2009$350.00
Democratic State Central Cmte/California (D)10/28/2014$2,500.00
Donnelly, Joe (D)5/31/2017$1,000.00
Frank, Barney (D)4/22/2010$1,000.00
Frank, Barney (D)3/30/2011$1,000.00
Gallego, Pete (D)10/10/2016$1,000.00
Getting Stuff Done PAC (D)2/24/2015$5,000.00
Getting Stuff Done PAC (D)3/15/2016$5,000.00
Getting Stuff Done PAC (D)2/24/2017$10,400.00
Gomez, Jimmy (D)2/27/2017$1,000.00
Gomez, Jimmy (D)5/3/2017$1,000.00
Gomez, Jimmy (D)7/19/2017$1,000.00
Honda, Mike (D)5/1/2014$2,600.00
House Majority PAC10/6/2014$5,000.00
Israel, Steve (D)3/15/2012$1,000.00
Krishnamoorthi, Raja (D)6/21/2017$1,000.00
Lee, Susie (D)12/7/2015$1,000.00
Lieu, Ted (D)2/11/2014$2,600.00
Lieu, Ted (D)2/11/2014$2,600.00
Lieu, Ted (D)8/19/2015$2,700.00
Lieu, Ted (D)8/19/2015$2,700.00
Lieu, Ted (D)3/20/2017$2,700.00
Lieu, Ted (D)3/20/2017$2,700.00
Los Angeles County Dem Central Cmte (D)8/23/2012$2,000.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)5/12/2008$500.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)9/18/2009$1,000.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)4/22/2010$1,000.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)9/2/2010$1,000.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)2/2/2011$500.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)9/30/2011$250.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)6/11/2012$500.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)10/3/2012$1,000.00
McNerney, Jerry (D)10/1/2014$1,000.00
Obama, Barack (D)4/24/2008$250.00
Obama, Barack (D)5/25/2008$1,000.00
Obama, Barack (D)8/29/2008$300.00
Portantino, Anthony (D)9/2/2010$1,000.00
Portantino, Anthony (D)5/1/2011$1,000.00
Portantino, Anthony (D)5/27/2011$500.00
Portantino, Anthony (D)6/29/2011$1,000.00
Ready for Hillary12/31/2014$1,000.00
Ready PAC3/17/2015$1,000.00
Rosen, Jacky (D)10/10/2016$1,000.00
Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D)11/3/2009$1,000.00
Schiff, Adam (D)4/28/2016$2,700.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)8/2/2012$500.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)8/2/2012$500.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)10/26/2012$1,000.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)11/8/2012$1,000.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)1/4/2013$2,500.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)6/25/2013$2,600.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)6/25/2013$2,700.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)6/25/2013($2,600.00)
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)1/27/2015$2,500.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)1/27/2015$5,200.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)1/27/2015($2,500.00)
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)2/28/2017$2,700.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)2/28/2017$5,400.00
Sinema, Kyrsten (D)2/28/2017($2,700.00)
Stonewall Democratic Club4/15/2011$500.00
Stonewall Democratic Club (D)3/31/2010$600.00
Stonewall Young Democrats8/23/2010$500.00
Stonewall Young Democrats4/7/2014$1,000.00
United for A Strong America (D)6/10/2008$500.00
Vince, Lou (D)5/4/2016$1,000.00
Warner, Russell (D)3/29/2007$500.00
Warner, Russell (D)6/20/2007$1,800.00
Warner, Russell (D)3/29/2008$2,200.00
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