Donald Trump: ‘Fake News’ Dishonest Media Full of ‘Crazed Lunatics’


President Donald Trump Berated The “fake News” Establishment Media On Monday, Accusing Them Of No Longer Caring About The Truth.

“he Fake News & totally dishonest Media concerning me and my presidency has never been worse,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Many have become crazed lunatics who have given up on the TRUTH!”

The president pointed to the good news for the American economy and the surprising jump in jobs created in December.

“The Fake News will knowingly lie and demean in order make the tremendous success of the Trump Administration, and me, look as bad as possible,” he added. “They use non-existent sources & write stories that are total fiction.”

It is unclear what prompted Trump’s tweets, but the media continues to blame the president for the government shutdown, despite Democrats failing to negotiate a compromise to fund barriers to secure the Southern border.- READ MORE

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