‘Doesn’t Fit The Holiday Spirit:’ Democrats Discuss Moving Impeachment Goalposts, Delaying Vote As Effort Loses Steam


The House Intelligence Committee announced over the weekend that, despite an impeachment report now available to Members of Congress, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his team will continue to look for witnesses to interview in the matter of whether President Donald Trump inked a quid-pro-quo with Ukrainian leaders.

But just as it looks like the House is gearing up for an impeachment vote, Democrats — including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — appear to be moving the goalposts yet again, discussing delaying the vote until early next year, and adding additional charges relating to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and a House inquiry into whether President Donald Trump unconstitutionally enriched himself using his office.

Fox News Chad Pegram reported on Twitter late Monday that Democrats now feel that impeachment “doesn’t fit the holiday spirit,” and that a backlog of bills may keep the Democrats’ articles of impeachment off the table until at least 2020.

“Do Democrats have the votes for impeachment?” Pegram asked. “Pelosi is a master at reading her caucus. If Pelosi has the votes she’ll likely give the green light to impeach on the floor. If Pelosi doesn’t have the votes impeachment could wait – conceivably until the New Year.”

The answer was coded but clear.

“A member of Pelosi’s leadership team today told Fox that the backlog of bills up this month in the House ‘works against’ a December impeachment vote. And the Democrat noted that impeachment ‘doesn’t fit the holiday spirit,’” Pegram reported. “That means impeachment could wait until 2020.” – READ MORE

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