DHS Secretary Admits Illegal Immigrants Were Released Into U.S. Without Getting COVID Tests


Illegal immigrants who were apprehended by immigration officials did not receive COVID-19 tests before being released into the U.S.

During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday about the crisis at the U.S. border, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that illegal immigrants apprehended and subsequently released into the United States did not receive COVID-19 tests, Townhall reported.

Mayorkas admitted to the problem after Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) questioned him about an NBC News article that reported asylum-seekers who tested positive for COVID-19 were released in Brownsville, Texas. The immigrants took the tests after being released by Border Patrol.

“The city of Brownsville administers these rapid tests at the bus station, after migrant families are released by the Border Patrol. A spokesperson for Brownsville confirmed that, since they began doing these tests Jan. 25, 108 migrants have tested positive for Covid-19, which is 6.3 percent of those who took the test,” the outlet reported.- READ MORE

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