Democrats Say Trump’s Economy May Break ‘Blue Wave’


Democrats are growing worried that President Donald Trump’s economy will break their hoped-for “blue wave” in November and also ensure his reelection in 2020, according toThe Hill.

“It’s a very big concern,” Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, told TheHill.  “The economy is the No. 1 issue out there for people and right now Trump has a very aggressive economic message that seems to cross traditional party lines to voters.”

The news site continuedA CNN poll out this month showed that 57 percent of those surveyed think the country is doing well, an uptick from 49 percent in February. At the same time, a CBS poll also out this month showed that 66 percent of those polled believe the economy is good.

“Our biggest challenge in the midterms is you’re going to have a waterline on the economy and unless you’re able to articulate a theory of the case, you’re going to be dependent on where that waterline is,” said Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist.

“Democrats right now, we’re going up to bat and we’re not even looking to hit,” Lehane added about the messaging. “We’re hoping to get hit by the pitcher so we can walk to first base.”READ MORE

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