Cubs ban fan for life over hand gesture — days before welcoming back player suspended for beating ex-wife


The Chicago Cubs banned a fan from Wrigley Field “indefinitely” after he made a goofy “OK” hand gesture that may or may not be racist.

Ironically, it was at the same stadium where the team once celebrated with infamous mob boss Al Capone, who would sit in the front row with his son at games and chat up the players. The suspension also came the same day the Cubs welcomed back its star shortstop after a 40-game suspension for domestic abuse.

NBC Sports Chicago reporter Doug Glanville, who is black, was discussing the recent Marlins-Cubs game at the top of the third inning Tuesday when a fan in a Cubs hoodie first waived, then flashed a peace sign, then made an upside-down OK gesture with his hand from the stands behind the analyst, Deadspin reports.

The indefinite ban also came on the same day the Cubs welcomed back one of the team’s top players after a 40-game suspension for credible allegations he abused his ex-wife. Addison Russell, an All Star shortstop, was booed by fans but accepted into the dugout by the Cubs despite his allegedly poor life decisions. – READ MORE

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