CT School Board Chairman Resigns After Vote to Recite Pledge of Allegiance


The chairman of a Connecticut school district’s board of education resigned after the board voted to begin each meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Josh Adams, chairman of the New Hartford Board of Education, reportedly stepped down after opposing a vote by his fellow board members.

Adams was overruled after telling board members that he would not propose the policy in a meeting, saying he decides on the agenda as chairman.

He also said he doesn’t pledge allegiance to anything and supports “principles on which the country was founded.”

Adams also reportedly said that he hadn’t planned on resigning, but that he felt it was right to do so. – READ MORE

Kennesaw State University Has Cut Four Of The Five Cheerleaders Who Took A Knee During The Playing Of The National Anthem Last Year, According To Reports.

The school newspaper, the Sentinel, noted that four of the five kneelers did not make the cut for the 2018 football season. KSU’s athletic department reported that 91 women tried out for the 52 spots on the various cheer squads, up from 61 applicants last year. The department also noted that three other members of last year’s teams also did not make the cut for this year.

“Similar to all KSU sports teams, multi-year spots on rosters are not guaranteed, and all student-athletes must earn their position on a team,” a letter from the KSU athletic department stated according to the school’s paper.

The five cheerleaders made national news last year when they joined in with the NFL’s protests against the country during the playing of the national anthem. Their protests earned them the nickname “The Kennesaw Five.”. – READ MORE

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