NBC Poll Finds Trump Support at Near Record-High After Cohen, Manafort News


The Latest Wall Street Journal/nbc News Poll Shows President Trump’s Job Approval Rating At A Near Record High And Unaffected By The News About Paul Manafort And Michael Cohen.

A poll taken by WSJ/NBC before the news broke about the conviction of Trump’s one time campaign chair Paul Manafort and the guilty plea from Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, had the president sitting with 46 percent approval and 51 percent disapproval.

These same pollsters went back to the well in the days immediately following the Manafort/Cohen news, those days where the media screamed “impeachment” hundreds of time, and found only statistical noise; no real shift against Trump: 44 percent approve/52 percent disapprove.

That is only a total move of three points, which is well within the poll’s margin of error.

In fact, that 46 percent approval number is a record high for Trump in this particular poll, which means that despite a media jihad that began last month with the fabricated controversy over separating illegal alien adults and children (something practiced by the Obama administration), the president is in superb shape. – READ MORE

First of all, it is possible that a lot of this news isn’t quite as horrific for Trump as it may first appear, or that it could have been. Manafort could have easily been convicted on all counts. A Cohen trial with actual public testimony from Pecker and Weisselberg, along with these salacious details having time to be fully absorbed, would have been far more politically dangerous to Trump than a super-quick plea deal that wasn’t even the dominant story of the hour it happened.

I am also not convinced, as many other very wise (but possibly compromised by “confirmation bias”) commentators are that the Pecker and Weisselbeg plea deals are as huge as a lot of people are hoping they are. If their immunity was limited, and they each “flipped” on just Cohen and not on Trump, then this may all be much ado about very little (AMI releasing the ex-Trump Tower worker from his NDA may be the best evidence that Pecker really has “flipped” on Trump).

Regardless, it is extremely important to remember that, because Trump is president, this is almost entirely about politics. Facts and the law simply have almost nothing to do with how long Trump will remain in the office.

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