Conservative Latinos push back on MSNBC claim they’re in ‘crisis’: ‘No, we are waking up’


Conservative Latinos pushed back at an MSNBC contributor’s claim that Latino voters are in a “crisis” because so many have distanced themselves from the Democratic Party and voted for President Donald Trump in 2020.

“What we’re seeing right now is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community that is completely splitting and dividing Latinos,” MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos said earlier this week.

Mercedes Schlapp asked a group of conservative Hispanic leaders to respond to Ramos’ charge during the panel, “Common Values, Common Interests & Common Culture: How Conservative Latinos Will Influence the Future of American Politics” at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Is it true their community was facing a “crisis,” Schlapp wondered.

“No, absolutely not,” said Betty Cardenas, the Republican National Hispanic Chairwoman. “We are waking up. I think the Latinos are finally waking up.”

Maria Salinas Miller and Bianca Gracia of Latinos for America First were also quick to refute the MSNBC contributor’s assertions.

“Yes, it’s a crisis for the Democrats,” Miller told Fox News, turning around Ramos’ argument. “Because we’re coming for those votes.” – READ MORE

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