Connecticut Reports Dozens of False Positive Coronavirus Tests


Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (DPH) announced on Monday the discovery of dozens of false-positive coronavirus tests, attributing the error to a “flaw” in a testing system.

At least 90 tests, which were run through Thermo Fisher Scientific, have wielded false positives, according to the DPH.

As the Hartford Courant reported: In the one-month period from June 15 to July 17, the department said, 144 people were given positive results after their specimens were run through a system manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific of Waltham, Mass.

Acting DPH Commissioner Dr. Deidre Gifford said the bulk of the “affected tests” stemmed from nursing homes and emphasized that the error applies to a “minority of tests in the state.” Those who have received a positive test, he said, should “absolutely assume that that positive result is correct until such time as they are informed by their provider of any change” – READ MORE

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