Community Takes Stand, Shuts Up School Board That Rejected $5k NRA Grant


Stroudsburg High School in Pennsylvania offers several extracurricular sports, including a school rifle team. Contrary to how liberals would like firearms portrayed, there isn’t anything particularly “evil” or dangerous about this activity.

Here’s the problem: The Stroudsburg rifle team was in dire need of upgrades. Their rifles and other equipment dated back to the 1970s, according to The Morning Call newspaper.

The NRA stepped up to provide a nearly $5,000 grant to the team… but incredibly, the school board voted to refuse the grant money. Apparently politics was more important than providing modern equipment for student sports.

“The Stroudsburg board voted 6-2 to not accept the NRA grant. Directors said they supported the rifle team but did not think it was appropriate to take money from the NRA,” reported The Morning Call.

After the school refused to accept money that would benefit its own students, the community stepped up… and sent a clear message to those who had smeared the National Rifle Association.

Two fundraising efforts raised not just the amount offered by the NRA, but at least doubled it. The school rifle team will get its much-needed equipment after all. – READ MORE

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