A colossal storm front nicknamed ‘The Beast’ rolled across London, and the photos are incredible


A massive winter storm engulfed London on Tuesday and brought some intense snow and bitter cold. Winter storms aren’t exactly a rarity for Londoners, but this particular storm front was uniquely harsh. It originated in Siberia and had been making its way across the continent for several days before finally striking the UK, earning the nickname “The Beast From The East” along the way.

The storm had already been blamed for a handful of deaths before it arrived in London, so its reputation as a deadly weather system preceded it, but it gained legitimate celebrity status thanks to a photo captured by a police helicopter. As the storm front began to swallow London, the chopper captured a truly stunning photo that is equal parts awesome and terrifying.

Originally posted on Twitter, the image of the storm beginning to grip the city has captured the attention of thousands of weather fans. – READ MORE

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