CNN Releases Tapes Of Melania From Private Conversation. She Winds Up Looking Great.


On Thursday night, in a seeming attempt to abet a hatchet job on First Lady Melania Trump from her former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who played tapes of private conversations the two women had engaged in, CNN inadvertently made Melania look good, as the tapes clearly debunked the idea that she is not close to her husband and showed her human side, as she bemoaned all the effort needed to get ready for Christmas.

Wolkoff was on CNN to push her new book, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.” In the interview, Wolkoff consistently insulted Melania and President Trump with comments such as, “You know, she’s complicit in everything that’s going on,” “We are watching our democracy turned into a dictatorship at this point. And it’s a brainwash type of cultish,” and “The traditions of First Lady and President have gone out the window with this couple.”

Wolkoff even pontificated about the recent presidential debate, “I think that after watching the debate the other evening, and how disgraceful and how upsetting it was to see our leader act in such — I don’t even have the words to express how blatantly rude it was to act that way, like to see Melania walk on stage, to smile at him and gesture at him and to be okay with that type of behavior. I mean, the most important voice right now should be Melania’s voice. She has no voice as his wife. I mean, the one woman that we need more than ever isn’t coming to the plate because she has no ability to do so.”

Despite Wolkoff’s attacks, quotes from the tapes have inspired much praise for Melania. They included Melania dismissing the claims that she doesn’t love her husband, as she stated, “Honestly, it’s like, because it’s, you know, it’s honestly, I’m doing the same stuff that I did before. They cannot stand him. They didn’t know that I’m with him.” – READ MORE

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