Trump Administration Considers Assembling ‘Asian NATO’ to Counter China


Trump administration officials are quietly considering the creation of a NATO-style alliance with Asian countries in an effort against China, the Washington Times reported.

The idea was first publicly floated by Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun last month in a discussion regarding the current informal alliance between India, Australia, Japan, and the United States, commonly known as “the Quad.”

“It’s something that I think in the second term of the Trump administration or, were the president not to win, the first term of the next president, it could be something that would be very much worthwhile to be explored,” Biegun said during a U.S.-India strategic dialogue on Aug. 31.

The Quad alliance has received greater attention in recent weeks as the four countries engage on Indo-Pacific issues. Envoys from the four countries met virtually Friday to discuss issues germane to China’s rising geopolitical ambitions and the rule of law.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also travel to Japan next week to meet with Quad foreign ministers in one of the highest-profile diplomatic summits of the Trump administration. – READ MORE

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