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    CNN Anchor Calls Trump a ‘Shithole’ (VIDEO)


    Chris Cuomo used Trump’s language to describe the president and his views about immigration.

    In response to President Trump’s comments about immigration and third world countries, CNN’s Chris Cuomo threw the president’s language back at him.

    Speaking in front of his white board, Cuomo wrote and spoke the words, “This is who he is.” – READ MORE

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    CNN stepped way over the line Thursday night calling the President of the United State Donald Trump a racist.

    But that’s not even the worst of it. A CNN panel member dropped the “N” word.


    Then dropped the “S” word to describe Latinos.

    And Asians another vicious slur.

    CNN’s Don Lemon also called most of white America racists and Trump supporters racists too.

    All based on a hearsay newspaper article in a fake news Washington Post.

    Lemon was unhinged and deranged, almost at one point openly threatening Trump supporters.

    Lemon was seemingly bordering on tears at times, like a scorn prom queen.

    Anyone who is not mad about Trump’s alleged comments — where he supposedly called Haiti a “shithole” — is also a racist, according to Lemon’s lucid rant.

    This broadcast was a complete disgrace and beyond shocking for all Patriots.

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