City council axes Pledge of Allegiance from its meetings because patriotism been weaponized


A city council in Minnesota will no longer say the Pledge of Allegianceduring its meetings because all of its members feel that patriotism has been weaponized and is, frankly, dangerous.

The St. Louis Park City Council voted on the measure 5 to 0 during a June 17 meeting to nix reciting the pledge at its meetings.

According to the Star Tribune, the members unanimously agreed that it was smart to drop the pledge from their meeting agendas because they were concerned it might deter new residents in the community from participating in the meetings.

St. Louis Park City Councilman Tim Brausen told the outlet, “Unfortunately, some of us feel like patriotism has been so politicized that it’s almost used as a weapon against people.”

Brausen also said that the pledge was apparently contentious dating back to even the 1980s, and voiced his hopes that the move to drop the pledge wouldn’t be too “controversial.” – READ MORE

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