Chicago Police Superintendent Who Refused Trump Invite Fired For ‘Ethical Lapses’


Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who had already tendered his resignation but was staying through the Chicago Police Department’s transition of authority, was booted from office Monday by Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, after being fired for what she called a series of “ethical lapses” stemming from an incident that occured earlier this year.

Johnson had planned to retire at year’s end, but the firing is effective immediately, according to Lightfoot, who made the announcement Monday morning in a statement issued to local press. Lightfoot cited “ethical lapses” and a series of “intentionally dishonest” statements made by Johnson in the course of an investigation, but gave no specific examples.

On October 17th of this year, Johnson was found slumped behind the wheel of his car at a stop sign near his home on the city’s southwest side. Johnson reportedly told the officers — and later the mayor — that he had just started a new prescription and wasn’t aware that the medicine would make him drowsy. He later admitted to Lightfoot that he may have had “a couple of drinks with dinner” before he got behind the wheel of his car.

The incident led to an Inspector General’s investigation, but Johnson decided to submit his resignation voluntarily before that investigation concluded, and Lightfoot bid Johnson a fond farewell at a press conference last month, praising him for his contributions to the city, and lauding his efforts at reducing crime — and particularly gun crime — in Chicago. – READ MORE

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