BRAT: Ocasio-Cortez — Who Was 11-yrs-old at the Time — Says America Should Not Have Authorized Military Force in Response to 9/11 Attacks


In a series of late-night tweets, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued Monday that the United States shouldn’t have authorized military force against those behind the 9/11 attacks.

Ocasio-Cortez was responding to a social media post by Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar for a series of recent anti-Semitic comments.

“It is disturbing that Rep. Omar continues to perpetuate hurtful anti-Semitic stereotypes that misrepresent our Jewish community,” Vargas stated. “Additionally, questioning support for the U.S.-Israel relationship is unacceptable.”

The New York socialist objected to the notion that one cannot question foreign policy, incorrectly claiming both major political parties were in agreement in ratifying an Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) for the Iraq War.


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