BOUNTY: Inspector General Probes Large Cash Prizes Handed Out to Anti-Trump FBI Agents


Potentially illicit private performance bonuses — or political payoffs — between $30,000 and upwards of $50,000 possibly awarded to high-ranking FBI agents have caught the eye of the Inspector General, according to federal law enforcement sources.

Your tax dollars at work at the FBI.

The two levels for cash awards include the Meritorious award and Distinguished rank award, sources said. Recipients receive a cash prize of 20 percent of their base pay for Meritorious and a cash prize of 35 percent of their salary for Distinguished level awards.

How many cash rewards were handed out among the FBI’s hierarchy? No one truly knows because the laws than govern the award system allow the recipients to remain private. But according to documents obtained by True Pundit, we do know FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was one recipient of the program. McCabe received an approximate $59,000 award from then- FBI Director Robert Mueller prior to his retirement from the Bureau.

Ironically, Mueller is now allegedly investigating McCabe’s role in the Trump Russia and Trump dossier scandals, as U.S. Special Counsel. Sounds like another conflict of interest.

“This is a significant amount of money for any FBI employee,” the source said. “We need to know who has been getting these awards and why and how many were under the table.”

FBI sources have long suspected preferential treatment of high-ranking FBI agents especially those in favor with pro-Hillary McCabe, sources said.

Some agents believe the awards have been used as political payoffs inside the Buerau, sources said. Other agents said rewards like extra time off, extended off-the-book vacation time and other rewards may have been employed to reward agents for Democratic-linked favors. And job promotions too within FBI ranks, sources stressed.

Did the same FBI personnel linked to ongoing scandals and recent investigations receive cash from their supervisors?

Peter Strzok
Bill Priestap
James Baker
Lisa Page
Andrew McCabe
And the list goes on …

Ex-FBI Director James Comey and McCabe both had the ability to submit personnel for such awards, sources said. The IG wants to know if such awards were linked to any nefarious political operations inside the Bureau, FBI sources said.

Absent investigation by the IG or Congress, the program allows the recipients to remain under the radar:

According to the guidelines of the reward programs:

Employees “can opt not to have their names publicly released as recipients because of personal privacy exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act. While most winners agree to public recognition, some are reluctant to do so because it is easy to figure out the amount of their Presidential Rank Award since it is based on publicly-available federal salaries. And there has been a perception among some senior executives and other observers that the administration in recent years has pressured federal agencies to avoid drawing attention to the annual winners of the nation’s highest award for civil service — and the hefty bonuses they receive — because of the sensitive fiscal and political climate.”


Who in the FBI received these awards under Comey, McCabe and Mueller and why?

And are any of the recipients targets of ongoing investigations into FBI corruption?


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