Border Patrol nabs previously deported rapist attempting to sneak through desert to U.S.


U.S. Border Patrol agents nabbed a dozen illegal immigrants attempting to sneak into the country near Presidio, Texas this week, including a convicted rapist who was already deported once this year.

“The apprehensions made by our agents in the desert of West Texas have a direct impact on the safety of the communities in which we live in work,” Big Bend Sector Chief Matthew Hudak said. “They also have a direct impact on the communities in the interior of the United States, this individual previously pleaded guilty to rape and he will not be going back to that community.”

Hudak was referring to Jose Jose Baltazar, a citizen of Guatemala who was convicted of rape in Indiana and deported to his home country in January.

Baltazar was with 11 others who dressed in camouflage for their trek through the rugged west Texas desert last month, but it wasn’t enough to elude the law. CBP agents with the Presidio Station noticed footprints coming from the Rio Grande River bank around 9 p.m. on November 30 and followed them north. – READ MORE

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