BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Kallstrom Calls FBI a Criminal “Fifth Column” Running Illegal “Conspiracy” to Topple President Trump


Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom took the gloves off on Thursday, accusing the FBI of taking part in an organized conspiracy to topple President Trump’s presidency.

Kallstrom is a respected FBI alumnus.

When he speaks many other FBI officials and former officials listen.

As do lawmakers.

He shapes opinions.

Kallstrom called the leadership of the FBI a disgrace. He alluded Special Counsel Robert Mueller was a would-be thug fabricating concocted evidence. The FBI was part of a fifth column running a clear conspiracy to topple Trump, he said.

Kallstrom’s comments should raise a number of eyebrows in Congress too.

Even FOX News host Tucker Carlson was taken aback by Kallstrom’s hammering of his former employer.

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