Bill Gates Visits Sun Valley for Climate Change Lecture to Jet-Owning Billionaires


Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have both reportedly been spotted at the annual “billionaire summer camp” held in Sun Valley, Idaho, this week. Non-scientist Gates is attending to give a lecture on climate change to the assembled Big Tech Masters of the Universe and media moguls. There have been so many private jets flying in and out of the elite event that the FAA has reportedly delayed incoming planes.

Business Insider reports that Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos were both spotted in Sun Valley, Idaho, on Thursday as billionaires from around the world flock to the annual conference hosted by the private investment bank Allen & Co. The event has been dubbed the “summer camp for billionaires,” and so many turned up in private jets this year that the FAA had to delay incoming planes.

Bill Gates is a regular attendee but his appearance this year is the first time he’s been at the conference since the announcement of his divorce from Melinda French Gates in May. This is also his first in-person appearance at a major event since the announcement and the first since a number of reports were published about Gates’ allegedly unsavory behavior.

Multiple reports characterized Gates as a womanizer and bully whose actions prompted an investigation by the Microsoft Board in 2019. In a report, Business Insider alleged that the public image many have of Bill Gates as an affable, nerdy, tech genius is actually part of a well-crafted PR campaign. – READ MORE

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