Big Win for Governor Brian Kemp as Georgia COVID-19 Deaths Hit 3-Month Low


In a bit of news you can file under “good,” Georgia’s COVID-19 deaths have reached a three-month low. I asked a while back when Governor Brian Kemp was going to get an apology from the media. This question was rhetorical, of course.

One of the first movers to reopen the economy, Governor Kemp was attacked by the press and the Health Experts™ as reckless and incompetent. They were dishonest then, and they are dishonest now. No one said COVID-19 was going away. We needed to flatten the curve, and it would appear Georgia has been successful in doing so.

Since reopening on April 22, the 7-day rolling average of deaths due to COVID-19 has consistently declined, according to the state’s dashboard. The last average outside the 14-day window for reporting accuracy is 16.14 per day. This count is the lowest rolling average since March 29. Preliminary data shows continued declines despite reopening and protests that began a month ago.

While we know deaths lag the confirmed cases by between two to three weeks, Georgia’s uptick in daily cases started around May 18. That date is a full month before the 14-day window cutoff of June 18. Part of the reason may be that the age range with the highest total cases is 18-29, where the risk of death is very low. The majority of confirmed cases are under 50 years of age.

It would seem Georgia has done a reasonably good job of protecting the vulnerable and allowing the young and healthy to go about their business. On June 30, Governor Kemp signed a bill strengthening nursing home guidelines, which included protections related to COVID-19. – READ MORE

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