Biden’s Climate Agenda Won’t Replace Jobs It Seeks To Kill, Separate AP, WaPo Fact-Checks Suggest


The Associated Press and The Washington Post fact-checked a pair of claims last week that the Biden administration has used, misleadingly, to sell its climate change agenda to the American public.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden claimed that an overhaul of transportation infrastructure to support a new fleet of electric vehicles would create “1 million new jobs in the American automobile industry.” Biden said his administration could accomplish the feat by committing to replace the federal government’s fleet of 650,000 cars with electric models and creating incentives and regulations to transition U.S. transportation infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

The Associated Press fact-checked the president’s claim on Thursday, describing the odds of Biden’s plan resulting in 1 million new jobs as “far from certain, if not unlikely.” Many experts as well as the United Auto Workers have said Biden’s plan will result in a net loss of jobs in the transportation sector. The AP reports:

There’s plenty of skepticism about this claim. At least some of those new auto-related jobs would come at the expense of current ones. Auto industry analysts don’t see how a net gain of 1 million jobs in that sector can come from Biden’s plan.

One million new jobs in the auto industry is a highly ambitious goal that would mean more than doubling the number of workers now employed in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing.

Many analysts and the United Auto Workers union, in fact, have warned that electric vehicle manufacturing probably will mean fewer net auto-making jobs. READ MORE

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