Biden likens striking Chicago teachers to ‘the devil’ (VIDEO)


Chicago teachers who walked out on students to protest for a bigger paycheck are “working like the devil,” former vice president Joe Biden told his comrades in the Windy City.

Biden phoned it in to the massive Chicago Teachers Union strike on Friday, offering support to CTU President Jesse Sharkey and about 35,000 other educators and union support workers who ditched students to picket in front of schools in the cold.

“Vice president Biden you’re here on the picket line with the CTU,” Sharkey shouted into his cell phone amid a mob of red-shirted educators in a video posted to Twitter. “Do you have any message for them and I’ll try to relay it best I can?”

The video cut to Biden relaxing indoors on a leather sofa chair, from where he offered a series of union talking points and gushing praise for the folks freezing on the front lines. Weather data shows it was just over 40 degrees when CTU members hit the picket lines Friday morning, though it warmed to the mid-50s by Biden’s mid-day call. – READ MORE

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