Biden Energy Secretary Nominee: Some Jobs May Have To Be ‘Sacrificed’ To Climate Agenda


President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Energy Department, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, told a Senate confirmation panel that she believes some American jobs may need to be “sacrificed” in order for Biden to pursue his ambitious environmental agenda.

Granholm, who presided over an effort to convert Michigan’s auto industry jobs to “green jobs” during an economic downturn — an effort that had only mixed success — was asked Wednesday for her input on whether Biden’s plan to suspend new oil and gas drilling permits on federal land would have dire economic consequences.

Surprisingly, it seems Granholm agreed that the plan would cost jobs, but she suggested that some fossil fuel industry jobs would need to be “sacrificed” in order to pursue Biden’s ambitious environmental goals.

Sen. John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming whose state is reportedly slated to lose jobs over Biden’s ban, asked Granholm whether the president’s climate agenda would pit American workers against environmental activists, in violation of Biden’s commitment to unity.

“I’m just curious how a long-term ban consistent with the president’s goal of unifying our country and putting Americans back to work and helping our economies grow, how is that all consistent?” Barrasso asked.

“I think the president’s plan of building back better … would create more jobs in energy, clean energy, than the jobs that might be sacrificed,” Granholm quipped in response. – READ MORE

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