Bernie Campaign Staff: Bernie’s ‘A Legit Socialist Masquerading As A Democratic Socialist’ (VIDEO)


A new undercover sting video released on Wednesday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas allegedly shows a Bernie Sanders campaign official admitting on video that Sanders is just “masquerading” around as a democratic socialist and that the  78-year-old Democrat presidential candidate is actually a real socialist.

The sting video showed a journalist from Project Veritas asking Sanders Iowa Field Organizer Kyle Jurek: “Well what do you think about Bernie, man? Give me your honest–”

“I think he’s a legit, I think that he’s a legit socialist masquerading as a democratic socialist,” Jurek immediately responded. “I think that a lot of his, a lot of the things that he’s suggesting in moving forward takes us further than democratic socialism. Like he masquerades it.”

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