Australian Soldiers Banned from Wearing ‘Arrogant’ Death Symbols


The Australian Army Has Issued A Directive That Prohibits Soldiers From Wearing “death” Symbols In Combat, Declaring The Practice Arrogant, Ill-considered And Deterimental To The Ethos Of The Armed Forces.

Australia’s Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, made the decision. He cited several symbols to be specifically prohibited because of what he claimed are violent, murderous and vigilante symbolism.

Lt Gen Campbell stated in his order that he had come across the symbols worn as patches or badges while visiting army units in Australia and overseas. These included the Skull and Crossbones, Spartans, the Grim Reaper and the Phantom or Punisher.

He reiterated that such symbols were at odds with Army values while acknowledging this was not the intention of those who wore them.

“Such symbology is never presented as ill-intentioned and plays to much of modern popular culture,” he said.

“But it is always ill-considered and implicitly encourages the inculcation of an arrogant hubris and general disregard for the most serious responsibility of our profession; the legitimate and discriminate take of life.” – READ MORE

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