Assad Vows To Continue Fighting ‘Terrorists,’ Which ‘Are the American Army’


In an extensive interview that was released Thursday, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had some choice words when it came to America and its military.

According to Breitbart, Assad was interviewed by journalists from Greece’s Kathimerini newspaper. He answered a variety of questions and ultimately referred to the U.S. military as “terrorists.”

“First of all, we are fighting the terrorists,” Assad said. “And as I said, the terrorists for us are his (Turkish President Recep Tayyip) army, they are the American army, the Saudi army.”

“Forget about the different factions and who is going to finance those factions; at the end, they work for one agenda,” he added. “And those different players obey one master: the American master.”

Other topics addressed during the wide-ranging interview included accusations of Assad’s chemical weapons use against his own people, and the Syrian civil war and divided factions throughout the region. – READ MORE

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