Arizona Antifa Burns Poster Honoring Cop Killed By Illegal Alien


An Arizona Antifa chapter burned a poster Sunday that honored a cop killed by an illegal alien.

Antifascist Action Phoenix claimed to remove “hundreds” of posters at Arizona State University depicting individuals killed by illegal aliens. The group burned at least one of the posters featuring Brandon Mendoza, a Mesa police officer killed by an illegal alien driving the wrong way down a road, according to AZCentral.

“We successfully removed hundreds of racist posters and symbols and then had a nice barbecue,” said Antifascist Action Phoenix on Facebook, remarking that it had removed pictures of individuals “who had been killed by someone ‘illegal.’ No person is illegal and cherry picking 3 cases out of millions to boost your racist agenda is bullshit, we expected more.”

The Antifa group posted images on Twitter, in which Mendoza’s name, his May 12, 2014 date of death, and #NeverForget can be seen. – READ MORE

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