Another Trump Assoc. Comes Forward Alleging Obama Had Him Illegally Spied on


Erik Prince, former Navy SEAL and Blackwater USA CEO, has alleged that former President Barack Obama’s National Security Council leaked information about him to liberal-leaning news outlets after they put him under surveillance he believes to be illegal.

Prince, who testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Nov. 30, recalled a trip he took in early January of this year — prior to the Jan. 20 inauguration — to the small country of Seychelles, a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, where Prince met with United Arab Emirates business partners.

He also briefly met with a Russian identified as Kirill Dmitriev, “who ran some sort of hedge fund,” according to Prince’s testimony.

In April, The Washington Post ran what its editors likely believed to be a hard-hitting exposé on the meeting, and claimed that the meeting was an “apparent” attempt by the incoming Trump administration to set up a back channel to the Russian government.

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