American Kurds Support an Independent State, Others Say ‘No for Now’


WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Kurdish diaspora in America has come out in support of the upcoming vote for Kurdish independence, scheduled to take place on September 25. However, some still believe the timing is not yet right for such an event to take place.

“I think Kurds across the board are in support of an independence referendum regardless. Do they support this particular referendum? That’s an open question,” Akeel Abbas, a professor from Iraq who teaches at the American University of Iraq in Kurdistan, told Breitbart News.

The upcoming referendum vote is the result of longstanding calls for an independent Kurdish state in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Iraqi Kurdistan is part of Greater Kurdistan, which includes Rojhilat (Iranian Kurdistan), Bakur (Turkish Kurdistan), and Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) and Basûr (Iraqi Kurdistan).


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