AG William Barr Says Report On Potential FISA Abuses, Origins Of Russia Probe Is ‘Imminent’


Attorney General William Barr told reporters Wednesday that an inspector general’s report, digging into whether the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice abused their authority and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act when they initiated an investigation into whether the Trump campaign and, later, the Trump transition team, was conspiring with Russian officials, is “imminent” and could be out any day.

“It’s been reported and it’s my understanding that it is imminent,” Barr said at a news conference Wednesday, according to Politico. “A number of people who were mentioned in the report are having an opportunity right now to comment on how they were quoted in the report, and after that process is over which is very short, the report will be issued. That’s what the inspector general himself suggests.”

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz was charged with investigating potential FISA abuses in March of 2018 after House Republicans, then still in charge of the House Intelligence Committee, released a memo claiming that the FBI, under the Obama Administration, used now-widely discredited dossier on Donald Trump, put together by an operative named Christopher Steele, to obtain permission to wiretap the Trump team’s offices and listen in on key Trump officials’ phone calls. – READ MORE

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