ACLU Sues Trump to Get Taxpayer-Funded ‘Mental Health Services’ for Border Crossers


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), partially funded by billionaire George Soros, is suing President Trump’s administration to ensure border crossers are provided with taxpayer-funded “mental health services.”

In a lawsuit filed this week, ACLU lawyers are seeking damages for adult border crossers from Guatemala and Honduras that were put in separate detention facilities from the children with whom they crossed the United States-Mexico border.

This “Zero Tolerance” policy, which is no longer in effect, was designed to ensure that federal immigration officials could hold adult border crossers in detention rather than mass-releasing them into the interior of the country.

The ACLU lawsuit alleges that the Trump administration, by holding adult border crossers and the children they arrived with in separate detention spaces, violated the “constitutionally protected rights” of border crossers and illegal aliens – READ MORE

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